About Ms Moonlily

This is the story of one witchy geek, artist, and a Certified MBTI Practitioner, making notes as I continually learn as I go in life. Sharing all the details as I try to balance work life, life with my highly intuitive four year old parenting alone and fitting magick in every step of the way.

So here in this life, I’m in my continual 20+ year path as a white magick practitioner, Wiccan, Pagan, Kitchen Witch, High Priestess. I go by many labels but none of them compare to my favorite names of Catalyst and Muse!

Hang out if you are especially stuck in a rut or looking for new ideas because I tend to throw those out there often and by accident (hence why the Muse title gets thrown at me a lot!)

I pride myself on using “what works” like many in our community!

2 thoughts on “About Ms Moonlily

  1. Good day Ms. Moonlily! I’m looking forward to learning about Magick and maybe some other things from you =-)

    • Blessed Be Ilex , hail and welcome! 🙂 (Had to be proper of course) glad you are here and I’m reading over your plant knowledge now, far exceeds mine, this is great! 🙂

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